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Dog Bites

Out of concern that the girl may have been exposed to life-threatening rabies, Kurt Lloyd immediately forced Home Depot to produce credit card receipts and video footage for the dog owners and tracked them down.

Lloyd Law Group not only sued the owners of the attack dog but also sued Home Depot for not enforcing their own “No Animal” policy. 

Everyone loves a well-behaved pet, but there are many negligently caused dog attack and injuries every year. Dogs bite more than 4 million persons in the U.S. every year, approximately half of them children.

Insurers say dog bites and dog-related injuries amount to more than a third of all homeowner insurance liability claims paid out.

Statistics show that insurers in Illinois pay out more for dog bite cases here than in any other state other than California. One major insurer alone paid out more than $14 million in dog-related claims in 2016.

This may be because Illinois laws generally hold owners responsible for dog attacks, even if it is the dog's first bite.

We have experience with dog bite cases and welcome the opportunity to review your dog bite or attack case and discuss how we can help you.

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