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  • Kierl, minor v. Children’s Memorial Hospital

    Settlement:  $5.5 Million The minor plaintiff successfully underwent cardiac surgery at Children's Memorial Hospital two weeks after birth for a small hole in his heart. However, the child experienced a respiratory arrest from congestion in his lungs and the surgical resident misplaced an endotr... Read On

  • Okerstrom v. Evanston Hospital

    Jury Verdict:  $1.5 Million The hospital pharmacy received an order for gentamycin to be filled for the plaintiff but misread the order and filled it at 10 times the dose prescribed.  The drug is toxic to the ear and caused loss of balance.  The plaintiff, age sixty-eight, was on kidney dialysis... Read On

  • Estate of Urbanski v. Lerner, M.D.

    Settlement:  $1.5 Million The plaintiff sued for the wrongful death of his wife, a fifty-three-year-old waitress, alleging a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer because the defendant internist chose not to recommend routine annual screening mammograms to her after her fiftieth birthday. The plai... Read On

  • Estate of Greenblatt v. Poor, MD

    Jury Trial Verdict: $1,195,000 on offer of only: $500,000 A radiologist's negligence caused a 16-month delay in diagnosis of lung cancer. Kurt Lloyd tried the case, winning a verdict from the jury – one of the few jury verdicts ever recorded on behalf of a plaintiff. This verdict is also notewor... Read On

  • Robertson, a minor v. Advocate Christ Hospital

    Settlement:  $12 Million The minor plaintiff was born with a tracheal fistula in a suburban hospital and then transferred to Christ Hospital for surgical repair by pediatric surgeon Dr. Angel Bazuk.  Dr. Bazuk performed three unsuccessful surgical attempts to repair the fistula, but in the proce... Read On

  • Thomas, a minor v. Antony, MD

    Jury Verdict:  $9.7 Million The plaintiff's mother was a member of a Chicago HMO when she became pregnant with baby Anthony.  During the pregnancy, the mother developed gestational diabetes, a common complication, which went untreated. When the plaintiff's mother was admitted to the hospital, An... Read On

  • Vlachos, a minor v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital

    Settlement:  $14 Million The plaintiff mother was admitted to Prentice Women's Hospital at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for delivery of an uncomplicated pregnancy.  When the mother began pushing efforts, the external fetal monitor began capturing the mother's heart rate and not the baby's hear... Read On

  • Estate of Gargano v. University of Chicago Hospitals

    Verdict: $8 Million A hospital nurse transposed the numbers on a physician order causing the patient to receive 5 times the recommended dose of a chemotherapy drug.  The hospital's nurses failed to cross-check the order against the label of the I.V. drug bag received from the Pharmacy Department... Read On

  • Hornsby v. Garbage Truck Manufacturer

    Verdict: $2,000,000 Under a confidential settlement, the Defendant which was a national manufacturer of garbage truck container and compaction equipment had designed and manufactured a tailgate with an unguarded, exposed "slide shoe" assembly for the hydraulically powered compaction arm, all of ... Read On

  • Morris, deceased v. University of Chicago Hospitals

    Verdict: $8,000,000 A patient who had leg swelling after abdominal surgery had a sudden cardiac arrest.  Despite resuscitation, she became brain damaged and lived in a coma for 9 years before she died.   After extensive investigation and research, Kurt Lloyd found that the hospital physicians an... Read On

  • Estate of Kucera v. Rush-Presbyterian, St. Luke's Hospital

    Jury Verdict:  $9 Million Mr. Kucera enrolled in a weight loss program at Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center.  Despite doing poorly on a treadmill stress test, the Medical Center sent the Mr. Kucera home, knowing he was scheduled for a vacation in Florida. Kucera suffered a fatal heart attack on a... Read On

  • Felgenhauer v. SYSCO Foods

    Verdict: $425,000 A woman pedestrian who was a curator for the Chicago Art Institute was walking outside the crosswalk and struck by an SYSCO Foods delivery truck which was turning during heavy rush-hour traffic causing a complicated fracture in the lower leg. Read On

  • Herbert, etc. v. Land Truck, Inc. $1,700,000

    The Plaintiff who was a front seat passenger in a Ford Box Truck suffered severe hip and knee injuries when his vehicle was rear-ended while stopped in a construction zone by the driver of a semi-tractor and attached trailer. Read On

  • Eastwood v. American International Group $5,000,000

    The plaintiff, a single, forty-year-old health care consultant, was a backseat passenger in an automobile involved in head-on collision. She sustained a C-2 through C-4 neck fractures requiring several spinal fusions and a mild closed head injury. The plaintiff claimed that the head injury caused... Read On

  • Vlachos, a minor v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, et. al.

    The plaintiff mother was admitted to Northwestern Prentice Women's Hospital for labor and delivery at term after a routine pregnancy. When the mother began pushing during the second stage of her labor, the external fetal monitor began capturing the mother's heart rate instead of the baby's. This ... Read On

  • Thomas, a minor v. Antony, MD

    The plaintiff's mother was a member of Chicago HMO, when she became pregnant. During the pregnancy, the mother developed gestational diabetes, a common complication, which went untreated by the defendant obstetrician who settled out for $2,000,000 policy limits. When plaintiff's mother was admitt... Read On

  • Estate of Moore v. Wrona, MD and St. Joseph’s Medical Center

    The mother's family sued for wrongful death from a rare necrotizing fasciitis infection to her episiotomy wound which was contracted at the time of delivery. The defendant obstetrician repaired the wound and ordered a narcotic medication for pain in the mother's wound site. Despite continued pai... Read On

  • Estate of Davis, a minor v. Toig, MD and Northwestern Memorial Hospital

    The plaintiff parents sued for the wrongful death of their newborn son who had died from herpes viral encephalopathy which was contracted at birth. At birth, the defendant obstetrician and hospital nurses each failed to advise Stephen's pediatrician in the newborn nursery that his mother had a hi... Read On

  • Jacobs v. Kobler, MD

    The plaintiff mother gave vaginal birth to a healthy baby boy and experienced an unrecognized fourth degree tear to her rectal sphincter muscle that was not properly repaired after delivery. After her discharge home, she developed an infection which evolved into life threatening sepsis and necros... Read On

  • Wright v. Anderson, MD, et. al.

    The minor plaintiff sued her obstetrical group alleging that three days after her due date, the mother thought she was experiencing decreased fetal movement so she went to the hospital outpatient center. The mother underwent a non-stress test (NST), which measures fetal heart rate activity and ox... Read On

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