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Thomas, a minor v. Antony, MD

Jury Verdict:  $9.7 Million

The plaintiff's mother was a member of a Chicago HMO when she became pregnant with baby Anthony.  During the pregnancy, the mother developed gestational diabetes, a common complication, which went untreated. When the plaintiff's mother was admitted to the hospital, Anthony was in fetal distress and, despite emergency cesarean section, he was born brain damaged.  Plaintiff's counsel successfully argued that the Chicago HMO's primary care physician was required to review and approve the obstetrician's care plan under the HMO guidelines.

Despite receiving copies of abnormally elevated blood sugar test results without any fetal monitoring or insulin treatment, the defendant primary care physician did not discuss the patient's condition with the defendant obstetrician. This case represents the first Illinois jury verdict to hold the primary care physician responsible for the overall care of an obstetrical patient, despite a referral.

Kurt Lloyd

 Kurt D. Lloyd is a jury trial lawyer based in Chicago who represents victims of personal injury or wrongful death.  He is smart, tough, and never gives up on his client's case. Kurt works tirelessly to protect and advance his clients right to a trial by jury.  With over 30 years of experienc...

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