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Emergency Room Errors

In the fast-paced world of the hospital emergency department, doctors and nurses can sometimes fail to rule out or protect against life-threatening medical conditions. Many professional standards and policies and procedures are in place to protect against errors in emergency rooms. If you have suffered unnecessarily because of carelessness in a hospital emergency department, you need an experienced Chicago emergency room errors attorney to help you pursue and obtain full compensation for your losses or the death of a loved one.

At the Lloyd Law Group, Ltd., we bring more than a quarter-century of experience to medical malpractice victims in and around Chicago, including people who have been hurt or faced trauma because of emergency room mistakes. We are committed to improving public safety by identifying and holding accountable doctors who are careless or negligent in their treatment of injured people. Because of our willingness to tackle even the most difficult claims, as well as our reputation for effective advocacy, we get many of our cases as referrals from other lawyers.

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Chicago Emergency Room Errors Attorney

We handle all matters for people who have suffered needless injury because of the wrongful conduct of ER personnel, including doctors, nurses, technicians and others. We will fully investigate the facts and circumstances of your claim, gathering and evaluating all the evidence as we prepare and present the strongest case for your financial recovery.

We take all types of claims related to or arising from emergency room or hospital negligence, including:

  • Misdiagnoses, from failure to detect cardiac arrest to misdiagnosis of viral encephalopathy in a child with the flu
  • Blood clots or aneurysms caused by failure to prescribe appropriate medication or take necessary medical precautions
  • Infections resulting from failure to sterilize equipment or ascertain that conditions are antiseptic
  • Strokes resulting from medical negligence or carelessness

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