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  • Garcia v. Endres, MD,et. al.

    Verdict: $1,200,000 The minor plaintiff alleged that he suffered an Erb's palsy as a result of excessive traction after shoulder dystocia occurred in a term delivery. $950,000 cash and waiver of $250,000 Public Aid lien. Mr. Lloyd has prosecuted a number of surgery cases. Read On

  • Estate of Morris v. University of Chicago Hospitals

    The plaintiff's decedent, age 23, had surgery to remove an abdominal abscess. After surgery, she developed swelling in both legs. The defendant hospital's surgeons ordered a PRG, a non-invasive vascular test, which is used to rule out blood clots in the legs as a cause of the swelling. The PRG re... Read On

  • Crane v. Luken, MD

    The Plaintiff had been diagnosed with a benign meningioma in the brain. During surgery, the defendant neurosurgeon over manipulated the tumor causing the plaintiff to suffer an intra-operative stroke and leaving him partially hemiplegic. The original plaintiff's attorneys voluntarily dismissed t... Read On

  • Weiner v. Pedersen, MD

    The plaintiff, age 60, was a part-time bricklayer who had a carpal tunnel release surgery during which the defendant neurosurgeon cut a nerve in the wrist resulting in reflex sympathetic dystrophy in the patient's hand. The plaintiff's attorney Kurt Lloyd investigated and hired a hand surgeon who... Read On

  • Tsakonas v. Lakeshore Surgery Center and Stamelos, MD

    The plaintiff, age 44, underwent laser spine surgery to her low back for a bulging disc and right posterior leg pain which resulted in a new neuropathic pain syndrome. The plaintiff attorney Kurt Lloyd alleged that defendant Lakeshore Surgery Center negligently granted surgical privileges to an o... Read On

  • Estate of Lucas v. Roper, MD

    The plaintiff's estate sued the defendant surgeon for the failure to timely perform an exploratory abdominal surgery to determine the cause of the morbidly obese patient's diarrhea, cramping, and lower abdominal pain for past three days. The defendant claimed he could not obtain an abdominal CT s... Read On

  • Ross v. Lee, MD (Ottawa, IL)

    The plaintiff, age 61, who was a part-time artist, underwent endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS procedure) for chronic maxillary sinus infections and headaches. During surgery, the defendant ENT surgeon penetrated the orbit bone of the right eye above the maxillary sinus causing double vision. The pl... Read On

  • Fred Jaffe vs. Lexington Healthcare Center

    The Plaintiff, age 73 and obese, underwent hip replacement surgery and was then transferred to the defendant nursing facility for rehabilitation. In middle of night, the defendant's bedside nurses pulled the plaintiff up in bed causing “shearing” injury to his right buttock, because of delayed wo... Read On

  • Nancy Sea v. Undisclosed Medical Clinic and Physician

    The plaintiff, age 41, who was an elementary school teacher saw an internist for a sudden headache and dizziness which she had experienced that day while shoveling snow. The defendant internist assumed that she had the flu and sent her home on bed rest and fluids. Five days later, the plaintiff b... Read On

  • Barbara Jackson v. Westlake Hospital

    The plaintiff underwent endoscopic esophageal fundoplication surgery (“wrap procedure”) to treat intractable acid reflux disease, GERD, which failed to cause a permanent malpositioning of the stomach in the patient's chest. The prior plaintiff's attorneys voluntarily dismissed the original case because unable to find a qualified surgical expert. The plaintiff's attorney Kurt Lloyd hired a nationally recognized biliary surgeon and re-filed the case alleging the defendant surgeon's improper intraoperative technique and suturing which caused the wrap to fail. Read On

  • Estate of Thomas, deceased v. Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center

    The deceased plaintiff, age 65 and obese, was admitted for hernia surgery. The defendant hospital nursing staff did not follow procedures for pre-operative and post-operative assessment of the plaintiff decedent's for risk of venous thromboembolism (‘blood clots”) and notify physicians, which res... Read On

  • Estate of Greenblatt v. Poor, MD

    The plaintiff's estate alleged a failure to diagnose a malignant lung tumor which caused a 16-month delay in diagnosis, treatment and death. This case represents one of the few jury verdicts recorded on behalf of a lung cancer plaintiff. This verdict is also noteworthy for being one of the first ... Read On

  • Estate of Urbanski v. Lerner, MD

    The plaintiff husband sued for the wrongful death of his wife, a fifty-three-year-old waitress, alleging that she died from a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer, because the defendant internist failed to recommend routine annual screening mammograms to her after her age 50. The plaintiff argued ... Read On

  • Estate of Baierle v. Matviuw, MD

    The plaintiff husband sued for the wrongful death of his wife, a forty-one-year-old homemaker and mother of his seven-year-old daughter, alleging that she had died because the defendant gynecologist did not recommend and obtain a baseline screening mammogram before her before age 40. In February,... Read On

  • Morris v. Ajmere, MD

    The plaintiff, age 50, had a PSA test result which was elevated to 7.0, but the defendant physician did not repeat the test or order a follow-up examination. Two years later, the plaintiff was diagnosed with a Gleason's 8 rated prostate tumor with a diminished life expectancy. Morris v. Ajmere, ... Read On

  • Estate of Barksdale v. Horowitz, DDS

    The plaintiff's mother filed a wrongful death case against a defendant oral surgeon for the loss of her twenty-year-old daughter who died from a cardio-respiratory arrest in the office after extraction of a wisdom tooth under anesthesia. The plaintiff's attorney Kurt Lloyd alleged that the oral s... Read On

  • Hicks v. Wonderlick D.D.S

    The Plaintiff, age 65 and retired, a previous minimum wage factory worker, underwent a tooth extraction in the defendant's office under a 10-minute general anesthetic during which she stopped breathing as a result of failure to properly monitor. Despite resuscitation in less than 2-minutes, the ... Read On

  • Eastwood v. American International Group

    The plaintiff a single, forty-year-old health care consultant was a backseat passenger in automobile involved in head-on collision.  She sustained a C-2 through C-4 neck fractures requiring a fusion and a mild closed head injury.  The plaintiff claimed that the head injury caused her to be unable... Read On

  • Stephens, et al. v. Land Truck, Inc.

    The Plaintiff who was a front seat passenger in a Ford Box Truck suffered serious hip fracture injury when his vehicle was rear-ended while stopped in a construction zone by the driver of a semi-tractor and attached trailer. Herbert, etc. v. Land Truck, Inc. Read On

  • Baries v. CNA Insurance Co.

    A family brought an underinsured motorist claim against CNA Insurance for the wrongful death of their fourteen-year-old daughter who had been a passenger in a one-auto crash. Their daughter was a freshman in high school without any income. The death occurred shortly after the Illinois General Ass... Read On

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