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Case Wins

Case Wins

Our attorneys have obtained a number of record setting medical malpractice and personal injury verdicts and settlements.

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Birth Injuries:

  • Brain Damage Causing Cerebral Palsy

$14 Million Settlement: Vlachos v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
$9.7 Million Jury Verdict: Thomas v. Chicago HMO
$6 Million Settlement: Wright v. Women's Obstetrics

  • Nerve Damage Causing Erb's Palsy or Klumpke's Palsy

$2.5 Million Settlement: Williams v. John Stroger Hospital

  • Maternal Injuries or Death

$2.5 Million Settlement: Moore v. Wrona, MD
$1.0 Million Settlement: Jacobs v. Kobler

  • Stillbirth or Death of a Newborn Baby

$1.3 Million Settlement: Davis v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
$500,000 Settlement: Harris v. West Suburban Hospital

Surgical Errors:

  • General Surgery

$12 Million Settlement: Robertson v. Bazuk, MD
$8.0 Million Settlement: Morris v University of Chicago Hospitals 
$1.0 Million Settlement: Lucas v. Roper, MD
$750,000 Settlement: Borek v. Anderson, MD
$1.5 Million: Weiner v. Pedersen, MD
$1.5 Million: Tsakonas v. Lakeshore Surgery Center, et. al.
$8.37 Million: Ross v. Lee, MD.

  • Neurosurgery

$2.0 Million Settlement: Crane v. Luken, MD

  • Gynecologic Surgery

$1.4 Million Jury Verdict: Stein v. Goldman, MD

Cancer: Delayed Diagnosis:

  • Breast Cancer

$1.5 Million Settlement: Urbanski v. Lerner, MD 
$1.2 Million Settlement: Baierle v. Mattviuw, MD

  • Lung Cancer

$1.2 Million Jury Verdict: Greenblatt v. Poor, MD

  • Prostate Cancer

$1.0 Million Settlement: Morris v. Ajmere, MD

  • Skin Cancer

$500,000 Settlement: Hahn v. Altman, MD

Medication Errors:

  • Wrong Dose

$8.0 Million Settlement: Gargano v. Univ. of Chicago Hospitals
$1.5 Million Jury Verdict: Okerstrom v. Evanston Hospital

  • Wrong Drug

$1.25 Million (Partial Settlement): Magdriarz v. St. Margaret Mercy Hospitals

Missed Diagnosis:

  • Heart Attacks

$9.0 Million Jury Verdict: Estate of Kucera v. Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital
$7.5 Million Settlement: Jackson v. Westlake Hospital

  • Blood Clots

$8.0 Million Settlement: Morris v. University of Chicago Hospitals

  • Aneurysms or Bleeding

$4.2 Million Settlement: Sea v. Undisclosed Medical Clinic and Physician

  • Infections

$3.0 Million Settlement: Jacobson v. Children's Memorial Hospital

Anesthesia Errors:

  • Hypoxia, Brain Damage or Death

$5.5 Million Settlement: Kierl v. Children's Memorial Hospital
$4.3 Million Settlement: O'Hara v. Univ. of Chicago Hospitals 
$1.1 Million Jury Verdict: Hicks v. Wonderlick, DDS
$1.0 Million Settlement: Barksdale v. Horowitz, DDS

Wrongful Death:

$8 Million Settlement: Morris v. University of Chicago Hospitals
$4.5 Million Settlement: Estate of Taylor v. Salvation Army
$2.475 Million Settlement: Estate of Moore v. Wrona, M.D.
$1.25 Million Settlement: Estate of Baries v. CNA Insurance Co.
$1.195 Million Jury Verdict: Estate of Greenblatt v. Poor, M.D.
$1 Million Settlement: Estate of Lucas v. Roper, M.D.
$1.0 Million: Estate of Thomas, deceased v. Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center

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